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You only have one opportunity to make your wedding day all that you want it to be. Why chance your memories? We have years of wedding photography experience, technical expertise, and artistic skills. We make your photography a highlight of your wedding story. We'll capture it. You'll love it.

What's a picture worth? You dream about this day for years and spend months planning every detail. Everything is perfect. Family, friends, laughter, tears. And then, just like that, it's a memory.

Of all the time and money you spend on your wedding, a professional photographer may be the most important investment you make. Don't trust your memories to anyone but an experienced pro. After the day is over and everything is packed away, your wedding photography is the one lasting symbol of your perfect moment.

So, what’s a picture worth? Everything, when it’s your wedding.

Engagement Photos

We want to have fun getting to know you so we can tell your story in just the style that will thrill you and best you’re love story. That is one of the key things that makes us different from other wedding photographers. We get to know our clients well, so that on your wedding day we are not strangers. We want to know you well enough to really tell your story, so we suggest an engagement session each season of the year prior to your wedding.

So book an engagement session with us. If you like that images and the way we work with you, book us for your wedding. We’ll put your engagement session fee toward the cost of your wedding package. In addition, we’ll create a complimentary photo guest book for your wedding out of your favorite engagement images.

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Our Engagement Gallery

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Watch the video to see an example of our Wedding Moments Videos, a combination of video and your favorite photographs, to tell the story of your wedding.


Reflections by Rohne Weddings

Wedding photography may be practiced by many, but it is mastered by few. We are experienced wedding storytellers who create beautifully lit portraits, capture relationships, emotions, and fashion in dramatic artistry. With our years of expertise, we create a fun experience, making your photography experience a highlight of your wedding story. We have packages tailorable to any size or style wedding. Each package includes a custom designed album, engagement session(s) and a album containing your engagement photos. Every package can be tailored to fit your needs and desires. Print orders and wall art are a la carte. We help you plan your wedding day photography based on your desires and our experience. After the wedding, we deliver quality products to treasure and share with all your family and friends.

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“FANTASTIC! AMAZING! As the day progressed many things were delayed or confused but the photographer remained calm collected and saved the day even. My highest recommendations for this photographer. We booked multiple years out with her and are so glad we guaranteed her services. Her experience and expertise came in handy and went over so well that the whole day was nicely put together thanks to her work. First disaster was the bridesmaids dresses didn't fit! She fixed the dresses so they could be wore for the required amount of time and photos. Huge praise there. She was patient and kind and direct. I never felt like time was wasted, we could ask for the strangest photos and she'd try to make them happen. Her professionalism was so appreciated and her presence made the day go by smoother. She's my recommendation all the way....” ~Kristen, Detroit

“My husband and I were very pleased with the services Reflections by Rohne offered. We still enjoy looking at our wedding photos and cherish each moment captured. We have continued with her services for our growing family. You will not be disappointed.” ~ Rachael, Grand Rapids

“Reflections by Rohne was very professional and captured all of the perfect moments from our big day. Not only did they capture great photos of the ceremony, but they were there from start to finish to capture everything from the anticipation of getting ready to the excitement of the reception.” ~ Stephanie, High Ridge

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