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Senior Portraits

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Looking forward to senior photos? don't follow the crowd, do something unique!


We are photographic storytellers who create beautifully lit portraits that capture relationships, emotions, and fashion for the modern young woman or man who love dramatic artistry. With our years of expertise, we create a fun model-like experience, making our clients feel like "stars." We make your senior photography experience a highlight of your senior year.

The only limit to what you can have for your senior photos is your desires and your photographer's imagination. We do fantasy photography, vintage Hollywood glamour photography, sports photography, and fashion model photography (we even have the fashion for it). We do it in our studio, at your school, your favorite location, a country setting, an urban setting or even the beach.

We also do BFF sessions. You, and up to three of your best friends. We do all the same kind of photos as our individual sessions, but we also do fun combination photos. Take your favorite high school friends with you wherever life leads.  Interested in booking a BFF session, call Connie. 


Connie loves her family, animals, pizza and chocolate, but the order changes from day to day. She also loves art, quality, relationships and having fun, and has the ability to put all four together to tell your story and create artistic images that never become dated. She has a B.S. in photography, is a member of Professional Photographers of America, and has been published in the Knot Magazine, West Michigan Women's Magazine, Midwest Hardware and various other publications.

Your senior year ~ This is YOUR time!

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what clients say about

Reflections by Rohne

“Wow! I must say, I'm really impressed by the pictures! That's exactly the type of photos I was looking for! I'm really excited. Thanks again! Nice work!” Meggie, Grand Rapids

“Connie made me feel beautiful and I had a blast. My senior photos are amazing and I love showing them to all my friends. I’ve told tons of people about her and will keep doing so. She’s the perfect senior photographer.” ~Kimberly, Grand Rapids

“Connie’s work was absolutely beautiful. She surpassed my expectations and I would highly recommend her.” ~ Nance, Grand Rapids, MI

“Very unique pictures, and very rapid turnaround time from when we ordered until the time we received our portraits. I was very impressed with the professionalism and would definitely recommend them to others!” ~ Elizabeth, Fenton

“Beautiful pictures and someone so pleasant to be around...great combination.” Ellen, Bluffton